Monday, April 6, 2009

TODAY'S GOOGLY-Sachin: This Kiwi tour has been special

After such a great performnace against the current series in New zealand,the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar looks overjoyed.Comments shows his overjoyness-

Q. You got your 42nd Test century at Hamilton and won the Man of the Match award. You looked overjoyed. Any particular reason?

A. One does enjoy the moment of receiving the 'Man of the Match' award if his team can manage to win. We won a Test match in New Zealand after 33 years and I played a small role to win the match for India. Not only me,but whole of our dressing room enjoyed like anything.

Q. Any special comment on the current Indian team?

A. No doubt, it's a special team. The most important factor of the team is that we are winning matches regularly in foreign countries. Previously we won only at home. Now we have started winning in Australia, West Indies, England, South Africa, Pakistan, almost in every country. We did not win a Test series in New Zealand in the last 41 yearsThe whole team had one ambition before coming here. We are happy that we are going back as winners.

Q. What did you tell the younger boys of the team after winning the Hamilton Test?

A. They are really lucky. I told them what we faced on our earlier tours. I tried narrating them the obstacles of those tours. It took seven tours to New Zealand win a Test match. In other words, 20 years. I am really elated for this victory.

Q.Is it the most memorable win?

A. Not really. But I am enjoying every moment of it. One gets special pleasure for anything he would get for the first time. I would be able to say proudly for the next generation that I was also a part of a team which won a Test in New Zealand.

Q. Sir Richard Hadlee is of the opinion that you are the greatest ever?

A. Nobody has ever said like that before. I am happy and satisfied. This comes as a pleasant surprise and it comes from a personality whose credentials cannot be questioned. I am happy that I played with him on my first tour to New Zealand in 1989.

Q. Hadlee remembers your innings of 88 at Napier on that tour.

A. I also cherish that memory. I still remember one moment after the Napier Test . He was giving an interview in a television in which I found he made his debut in 1973. I was born in the same year, which means when he made his debut in Tests when i was just born. Yet I got the opportunity to play against him. This is really a memorable tour for me. We won the series and got an excellent accolade from Sir Richard Hadlee.

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