Friday, August 13, 2010

Australia to trial split innings in domestic ODIs

A split innings 12-a-side one-day cricket format will be trialled in Australia's national one-day cup this season.

The new format will divide innings into two blocks, the first of 20 overs and the second of 25 overs, with fielding restrictions for the first five overs of each bracket that are relaxed slightly for the remainder.

Teams will earn an extra point for taking a first innings lead in the match even if they go on to lose overall, a system which is used in the domestic four-day Sheffield Shield matches.

Bowlers will be able to bowl a maximum of 12 overs rather than the usual 10, and pacemen will be permitted to bowl two bouncers an over rather than one. Teams can bat any 11 of the 12 squad members and field any 11 of the 12.
New format was approved by its board on Friday on the recommendation of CA's playing conditions committee, whose members include former Test stars Mark Taylor, Matthew Hayden, Greg Chappell and Shane Warne, with Marsh also part of the panel.

Though majority of players - according to ACA survey - had rejected the split innings format. Lets see how it will run.

This kind of format initially suggested by Tendulkar, it is of same kind with little bit modification. 

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