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BCG Matrix of Cricket - Stags, Class, Bombs and Stars

Here is a BCG Matrix of Cricket which explain the All-time best ODI run getters by measuring batsmen in two dimensions, and accordindly placing them into four different categories. 

In general BCG matrix is a product portfolio of a business units. It has two dimension i.e Market Share and Market growth and the product fall into four categories (Stars, Cash Cows, Dogs and Question Mark).

BCG Matrix of Cricket is the frame of this matrix only but with a different concept, here two dimensions are Strike Rate and Average, and the categories are Stags, Class, Bombs and Stars.
These four categories are-

STAGS - Skilled Tenacious Almost Greats

CLASS - Consistent Long-lasters Although Sometimes Slow

BOMBS - Break-it Or Make-it Blitzkriegs

STARS - Supremely Talented All-round Run-machines
Experts make an interesting analysis of the ODI performances of some phenomenal batsmen over the years.

Below is the graph with the performance of batsmen in ODIs, a bubble chart was created with the size of the bubble indicating the aggregate runs compiled in one’s career. 

For now, this is just a comparison of the top 20 ODI run-getters and since most of them, with the exception of Haynes, played in roundabout the same era, some of the more recent prolific ODI run getters like Dhoni, Pietersen, Symonds and Hussey were left out.


In the graph above, the more top-right a batsman the better he is. You may ask what the lines in the middle of the chart are - well what’s the point of creating such a chart without a 2x2 matrix!

Each quadrant of the graph represents a particular breed of batsmen, with the best of the best on the top right. Here’s how the players can be broken down in four groups :
STAGS (Skilled Tenacious Almost Greats) -
This is the bottom left section of the graph comprising Jayawardene, Sangakkara, Azhar and Atapattu. Four fantastic batsmen who often delivered when the chips were down and fought till the very end. However, their averages and strike-rates are not quite enough to make them the best of all time.

CLASS (Consistent Long-lasters Although Sometimes Slow) -
This word is fitting to call Kallis, Yousuf, Mark Waugh, Ganguly, Chanderpaul, Dravid, Haynes and Inzamam class batsmen. These guys are the pretty stroke-makers who put emphasis on style and managed to play long innings. That’s the hallmark of class batsmen; they consistently stick around for a long time at the crease leading to healthy averages in the 40s. They can however be guilty of not scoring quick enough at times. The same can’t be said for our next group.

BOMBS (Break-it Or Make-it Blitzkriegs) -
Five batsmen in this group- Jayasuirya, Gilchrist, Gibbs, DeSilva and Anwar. All with strike-rates in excess of 80, Gilchrist up at 96.94! No real explanation needed for the BOMBs, destructive batsmen at their best but they provide chances for the opposition to defuse them early.

STARS (Supremely Talented All-round Run-machines) -
Lara, Ponting and Tendulkar- your all-time ODI greats. These three are complete batsmen, with the ability to score quickly and consistently. 

Tendulkar leads the pack with an average of 45.12, a strike-rate of 86.26 and a career aggregate of 17,598 runs (and counting!).

Everyday, every where, experts come up with the different analysis and approach. They may have different concept but all the time the result is same..Sachin Tendulkar leading in any aspects of batting.

Undoubtedly he is most complete batsman, and arguably the biggest cricket icon as well.  

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