Monday, August 30, 2010

Fresh match fixing scandal - Latest Updates (Asif a serial match fixer)

Ex-girlfriend says Asif a serial match fixer -

Mohammad Asif's ex-girl friend has launched a scathing attack at the bowler and accused him of being directly involved in match-fixing.

Asif's former girl friend Veena Malik accused the fast bowler of being 'criminal minded' and a 'serial match-fixer.'

Here's what she said:

-She has accused Asif of bribing an Indian doctor during his doping trial at the Indian Premier League.
-He is supposed to have told Mohammad Amir "I have had more court cases than your age (18)"

-Kalim Imran supposedly provided Asif with nandrolone injections. Malik claims she had asked what had happened to Asif's performance to which Asif replied, "That wasn't me, that was the nandrolone."

-Indian bookie's incoming text: Asif used to send texts to Dhiraj Dixit from his servant's numbers.
Conversation: Dhiraj says: "I can give you 40,000 dollars for this deal. Asif says: "No I want 200,000 dollars." Dhiraj says: I would like some more team members for this deal."

-When Pakistan started losing in Australia, I jokingly said, "For god's sake win a match." To this he replied, "We won't win anything until 2010.

Sydney Test was fixed -

Australia's dramatic Test victory over Pakistan at the SCG in January is looking more tainted by the day.

As the cricket world reeled from allegations that the Pakistani Test team had been involved in spot fixing during the ongoing Test against England at Lord's, the man at the centre of the sting claimed that the Sydney result had been engineered to order.

Player agent Mazhar Majeed said the Sydney Test was "the last Test" where the result had been rigged, after Pakistan reached a position where odds against their defeat were prohibitive.

In light of Majeed's words, the investigation may need to be re-opened.

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